Thursday, March 20, 2008

Solutions for A Stuck Vechicle: Alter Egos

One possible solution/adjustment for the Press Release project would be to use an alter ego or several alter egos. The following is a list of possible names and characteristics I imagine for each.

The alter ego names:

Cyrus McCormick or Mcmannus: an antiquated traditionalist, highly mannered and opinionated but a bit of a bore whose work places craft on at least equal footing with concepts

Sam Wilson: an everyman, simple and unadorned and unpretentious. his work might be a throwback to modernist issues with a predilection for Greenberg. While his work is not exactly beating a dead horse it is looking to reheat the juiciest and least rotten pieces of the corpse.

Cynthia Biggins: middle aged woman who uses her charms to her advantages but knows their usefulness will only lessen as she ages. the work a mixture of 90's identity politics merging (poorly) with community and relational aesthetic tactics.

Manny Greer: An early 30's ultra-hipster whose initially successful foray was at least 5 or 6 years ago. Suspects his moment may have passed and is quietly becoming desperate for something good to happen. The smell of desperation becomes more distinct with each passing season.

Another possible solution: add the original artist's last name to your own first name (Nicholas Antoni, Nicholas McCollum, Nicholas Nauman, etc)

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