Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Fronts' continues and will for a while

Maybe I'll return to this blog now, after more than 3 years of inactivity. To use it as a public space to say private things. Are declarations in a public setting public if I draw no one's attention to them?

Today, after dropping off Sarah at the airport, I continued my project 'Fronts' in the neighborhoods around La Guardia. This project involves videotaping storefronts in an effort to amass a lexicon of text from the signage of the stores, to eventually be used in larger videos. This series will begin by using language we all use online to create our own fronts-dating site profiles, job-seeking sites and other forms of social networking. There is a prototype of one variation here, though this is just one very simple iteration.

To date I've filmed some where between 500-550 locations. It's a daunting project but I always find amazing things happen. I may have to make a side series of videos offering up some of these sites and sounds without a larger filter or framework. I need to start logging those videos capable of standing on there own, in addition to logging the words found and the locations.

I'm still excited about this project after 18 months of work and little actual finished product to reveal. I've come to realize it will be ongoing for some time but that it will also always be there when other directions have dried up and new ones are yet to be uncovered.

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